In our society, being “popular at school” seems like it is the most important thing in life. Almost all movies that regard school have a popular clique along with a loser clique. For example, Mean Girls is a great movie that emphasizes the many different cliques within any high school. First and foremost, there is the “Regina George” group aka “the popular clique” where they are known for their appearance and strong opinioned attitudes. Then, every other clique other than Regina George’s group is considered “unpopular”. Moreover, the sterotypical popular clique is the most well known group of students that wear designer clothing and drive nice cars while the loser clique is part of the marching band or the math team. However, what does it really mean to be popular, and is being popular the most important thing in life? Many students today may think that being the “popular” kid is the most vital aspect of high school. In fact, I would say that a majority of students in our society think that if one is not considered popular, he/she is automatically a loser or a nerd.
    To me, being the “Regina George” of high school has no value whatsoever. I think that being popular is nothing but a useless label that high school offers to students. Many students might think that if they’re not part of the popular clique, their lives are automatically down the drain. However, it is important to realize that being in the popular clique doesn’t have much value to life. I would say that the most important thing in high school is being happy with the friends that one may have. This is definitely better than being unhappy in high school, always trying to fit in with the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, not all popular students are mean and catty-some may be very genuine and kind, hence their popularity. So, if you didn’t take anything meaningful out of this post, remember one thing- being popular in high school isn’t everything.