Are you one of those teens who are constantly afraid or embarrassed to ask your parents for money? Or are you one of those parents that are annoyed at constantly giving out money to your children? Yes, we all know that money is hard to make but easy to spend. We also know that money is valuable. However, adults aren’t the only ones that need to spend money. Teenagers need money too. Of course, parents need to spend money on serious issues like the mortgage and insurance bills, but, do you remember what it’s like being a teenager? I’m pretty sure you didn't just sit at home all day doing nothing, right? Teenagers just want to have fun, whether it means going to the mall or the movies with friends. In addition, teenagers want to be able to “fit in with the crowd.” We want to wear designer clothing and expensive shoes that society pressures us to wear. And, indeed, nothing in life comes free. So, if you’re one of those teenagers who are sick and tired of asking your parents for money, there are several ways that you can earn an allowance for yourself.

Quick ways teenagers can earn money:

-Tutoring people in subjects such as math, English, history, science, etc.

-Give lessons on how to play a specific instrument, sport or any skill

-Applying for a job at a local store such as a bakery or pizza shop


-Pet sitting

-Shoveling snow

-Washing and cleaning your neighbor’s cars

-Running errands for people (drop items off at different locations, walk dogs)

-Taking out the garbage

How teenagers can save the money they earn:

-Deciding between needs and wants


Earning money doesn't mean that teenagers have to sacrifice their entire time towards their job. They can set up a work schedule that accommodates him/her. In addition, teenagers who work part time, tend to realize more about the value of money.